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Pokies machines are nothing but slot machines played in other countries. These machines used 3-5 reels with symbols till the 1980s and 1990s. Each reel had blanks which told the machine when to stop. You had to place a bet and your winnings depended on the symbols which appeared on the reels when the reels stop.

Technology now offers the same game in machines running on a microprocessor and internal computer to keep track of the number of times people placed bets on the machine. These machines usually have 5 or more reels and use a pseudo random generator or PRNG.

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Small and large bets offer similar chances of winning

Once you place your bet, the pokies generates a random number. As each number has a specific payout, your winnings depends on the number generated. Many think that these numbers are fixed in online casinos but they are not and the resulting numbers are completely random.

The chances of winning a jackpot are the same for large and small bets. However the odds of winning in Australia depends on the territorial laws as some territories require slots to have an 83% payout percentage or higher and some new machines have a maximum payout of 96%.

One tip worth remembering while playing pokies machines is to choose a video or reel pokies machine over others. Video machines have dozens of blanks while reel machines have more than 20 blanks. The more blanks the machine has, the higher are the chances of the machine stopping on a winning symbol series.

Also check the number of pay lines in the machine as some of the latest machines let you place a bet on each pay line. Your chances of winning are thus increased. With these tips, and a better understanding of the working of pokies machines, you can now try your luck at the game and win some money!


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