Imagination, by Robert Grosseteste Imagination, by Robert Grosseteste

Mental Imagery - Theories and Experiments.

In no particular order. A listing here does not necessarily imply any endorsement of the views expressed at the destination sites.

Once upon a time this page provided a fairly comprehensive listing of the imagery material that was freely available on the web. However, with the speed at which the web har grown and change, it has not really been possible to keep up. Some of the sites listed here are listed because they were around when this page was first made, some because I think they are particularly interesting, and some by the sheer chance of my happening to find them at an opportune moment. They vary very widely in quality, and almost certainly there are now many excellent sites that I either do not know about or have not found the time to include. If you find dead links, I apologize, but I cannot keep up. I am only one guy.

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Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, Cognition:
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Imagination, mental image, consciousness, cognitive science